1. D

    Non medical research on residency application

    Hey guys and gals, Quick rundown: I did some research my junior year of undergrad investigating the efficacy of robotics in K-12 STEM education. My old PI just emailed me out of the blue and said they are publishing the study in a top STEM education journal and I am second author. Does anyone...
  2. DrChef94

    LOR from non-medical source

  3. cherryblossomsgalore

    Committee Letter for the Liberal Arts Student

    So, I am applying for the 2017 cycle and I recently found out that my alma mater has a committee letter, however I was a liberal art double major there. I went to another school for my pre-medical requirements. Should I try to get a committee letter from them? I graduated in 2013.
  4. Lisztomania287

    Non-medical vs medical community service: Does it matter?