1. DoctorDay12

    DO My chances?

  2. S

    KCU-Joplin VS NSU

    Hey all! I've been accepted at KCU-Joplin, and have an upcoming interview at NSU. For reference, I live in Florida, and staying close to home is a big deal for me, as I'm married and plan on starting a family while in med school (the family support will help with this). Based on that, it would...
  3. F

    Taking Pre-Med slow-married with 2 kids

    Hi All- looking for some feedback on my situation. I'm 28 and started premed about a year ago. I'm Married with two kids and work part-time as a cardiology practice manager/clinical assistant. I'm dead set on med school (preferably DO) but am worried that my slow pace of 2 courses a semester...
  4. browneyes1000

    Nova Southeastern vs. University of New England (NSU vs UNE)

    Hi all! (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, the "Help Me Decide" thread seems to be more for the Pre-MD forum) I am very lucky to have been accepted to both NSU and UNE, but now am having a hard time deciding which school to attend. If you could help me by voting in the poll and posting...
  5. A

    Nova Southeastern vs Touro California

    I was officially accepted at Touro California and waitlisted at Nova Southeastern. I am considering sending a letter of intent to Nova in the coming days but would appreciate any insight into this decision. I am from California, but most of my connections do not live there anymore. The campus at...
  6. O

    1/1 near NSUCOM / Ft. Lauderale / Plantation / Davie

    My 1 bedroom - 1 bathroom, 1000 square foot condo located in Plantation, FL, will become available for rent on July 1. It is located in a safe and clean neighborhood near a Publix shopping center. It is only 15 minutes away from Nova Southeastern University and 10 minutes from the Broward Mall...
  7. Spectreman


    I am currently finishing a masters at LMU-DCOM and was accepted into the medical school. I was just accepted into NOVA as well and would love updated input. DCOM pros: -With LMU-DCOM I'll be able to work as a TA for anatomy, I won't have to take anatomy or neuro anatomy in my first year. -I'm...
  8. C


    Hello all! I've gotten accepted to both KYCOM and NSUCOM. While I've been doing a lot of research about both schools, I feel like I need a little bit more help deciding where to go. My hang up is the rotation sites and getting the residency of my choice. I am not sure what area I'd like to go...
  9. R

    NOVA Optometry- First year, daily schedule

    Hi, NOVA first year optometry students! Could you fill me in on your daily schedule? I am curious about life as a first year optometry student. Thanks!
  10. F

    NSU vs KCU

    I am fortunate enough to shortlist my acceptances to NSU and KCU, but am having a hard time deciding between the two. Please give me your humble opinions. THANKS! - Being a Cali resident, I would love to eventually rotate and practice in Cali - I am leaning towards Internal Med Subspecialties...
  11. tcon91


    So I interviewed at AZCOM last month and was fortunate enough to earn an acceptance there and I recently received an II for NSUCOM. This cycle is starting to get expensive for me and I'm looking to save where it makes sense. Basically, I need to decide whether or not I should attend my interview...