1. D

    Chances at GI fellowship and advice needed

    I know some of these questions have been beat to death but a lot of the threads I'm finding are from when GI was much less competitive or you guys are just too brilliant and don't have to deal with the same problems us mortals do lol. So I figured I'll just ask and I would really appreciate any...
  2. M

    CAS ID for Transcripts??

    Hey guys. Trying to submit my spring semester transcript into AADSAS for the school I will be attending next year. It asks for my CAS ID number. Any clue what that is? I tried to plug in the number found in the top right of my AADSAS page, but its not working. Thanks!
  3. J

    Am I applying to too many schools?

    So i am premed from CA, and will major in biochem or soemthing. So these are the schools i am considering. Cal Poly SLO Cal Poly Pomona Cal State Long Beach UCLA UCB UCSB UCSD UCD UCI UCR USC Alabama Minnesota Rice Northwestern Case Western Is this too much for premed? I don't know what to cut...
  4. A

    Senior year course load

    Hi everyone! I am a rising senior and have finished essentially all my major courses already. With the extra room in my schedule, I am debating whether I should pursue a minor (probably either in English or History) or just take random classes that interest me. Any thoughts on whether one is...