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    OAT ADA Practice Exam vs. 3T Achiever OAT Practice Exams?

    Hello all, I take my OAT in about a week from now (next Saturday specifically). I've used a lot of different prep materials, but this last week I'm committing nearly all my time practice exams. I've taken Chad's free OAT practice exams for each section, been using the DAT Bootcamp questions...
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    There's a LOT of computing to do with Gen Chem and Physics (so how do we not use a calculator?)

    Hi Guys! I am taking the OAT on October 15th and am looking through Kaplan/Chad's videos but so many questions on the OAT chapters as well as in his videos actually DO require using a calculator...I am worried how we are not supposed to use one during the actual exam on anywhere other than on...
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    Can anyone confirm if magnetism is on the OAT or not?

    It's no longer listed on the ADA guide. If it is do you think it's worth knowing just the qE=bqv equation or is there anything else I should look out for? I purchased the 2017-2018 OAT Achiever and they had a plug and chug type question using this formula.
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    Thoughts on OAT destroyer and OAT achiever 2017?

    I have seen a lot of old info circulating these 2 and was wondering if the Achiever on its own will be enough for practice problems? I've heard the Achiever was much harder than the Destroyer and that the Destroyer better prepares you for more realistic questions that would appear on the exam...
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    Should you be timing yourself on the OAT Achiever tests?

    I took a test timing myself and not timing myself. The non-timed results were much higher by like 30 points on some sections because I was actually able to complete everything. On the timed test I skipped a handful in each section due to lack of time. Should I time myself or just focus on...
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    OAT experience 9/29/17

    Hi all, I'd like to share with you guys my OAT experience since SDN helped me a lot. Background: I started studying 3 weeks before the test. About the first 1.5 weeks, I studied about 4 hours a day, and about 6 hours everyday for the last 1.5 weeks. The study materials I used were the OAT...
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    1 week until the big day...

    My test is this Monday. With the limited time I have left, would you guys suggest purchasing OAT Achiever to stimulate more test-like environment or should I continue studying from the OAT destroyer (2nd time over)/Chad's/Kaplan. I did take 2 of the Kaplan tests that came with the book and my...
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    OAT practice test scores - explain

    I am 2 weeks away from taking my OAT. I have been using chad's videos and OAT destroyer. I took a practice OAT test using TOP SCORE to see where I stand. my results: BIO 260/ OCHEM 350/ GCHEM 320/ RC 320/ PHY 250 / QR 300 I did poorly in the bio and physics section. I am trying to understand...
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    Highlight on Reading Comprehension

    Questions to those who have taken the OAT with the new feature that allow you to highlight words. This is regarding the RC section. Does the highlighting continue to be there once you move on to the next questions, or does it disappear? The highlight in Kaplan practice tests continue to be...
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    OAT Kaplan scoring is different than Achiever scoring?

    If I take a Kaplan practice test and get 8/30 on the organic chemistry section, that is considered to be a 250. If I get 8/30 on the Achiever test, that is considered to be a 270. Which one do I believe?
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    My OAT is in a few days and I'm doing horrible on the Achiever. Please help!

    I just took a full achiever test and got these scores: QR: 300 RC: 250 BIO: 230 Chem: 260 Orgo: 280 Physics: 260 I have been studying for months and I don't know what to do. I can't reschedule my OAT. Am I going to completely fail the OAT when I take it? Any advice is appreciated.