1. 3toedsloth

    Health care & economics

    The topic of "how to fix American healthcare" frequently came up in my interviews. It's interesting to learn what are the different sources of exorbitant health care costs in America, what other countries are doing, and what reform efforts are in progress. The first book I read on this topic...
  2. R

    Trying to educate myself on current US healthcare atmosphere

    Hello All! I have an interview for medical school in two weeks and I want to educate myself much more with the current status of healthcare in the US. Pros/Cons, proposed remedies if there are any. I want to speak speak clearly and concise and understand where we might be headed. If anyone...
  3. S

    America's Bitter Pill

    Anyone else reading this book? So far it has been a great read.
  4. T

    Health Insurance in PA/Philadelphia

    PCOM does not offer health insurance and I will no longer be eligible for coverage on my parent's plan. I am funding 100% of my tuition and living expenses through loans and will have $0 income. When I try to sign up for healthcare.gov's obamacare I am told I am ineligible due to $0 income and...
  5. R

    Best President in terms of salaries for Physicians?

    Who is the best president in terms of healthcare professionals will benefit the most from? I dont' care about other social/economic policies they might have; I'm focusing about which president is best for us? Bernie Sanders wants Free, Universal healthcare so is that good for us? Or will that...