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occupational therapy assistant

  1. J

    Other OT-Related Information Rutgers OTA Program Interviewing Process

    Hi! I recently applied to the Rutgers Occupational therapy assistant program and I was called back for an interview and group activity. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what questions to prepare for? Or how to prepare for a group activity? Any advice from Rutgers students or any...
  2. A

    General Admissions & OTCAS Help! Interview and 'group problem solving activity' for OTA program I applied to.

    I have this coming up on Monday and I'm terrified. Anyone have any tips? I'm kind of super confused and curious as to what the group problem solving activity would be like. As anyone experienced anything like this? What was it like? Also if anyone wants to share any questions they were asked...
  3. O

    Coursework & Fieldwork OT Acute Care Fieldwork Inservice

    Hi all - Looking for some input for my occupational therapy fieldwork rotation inservice project that I am required to complete before my 12 weeks are up. This is for my Level 2 rotation in Acute Care, where my floor deals primarily with burns/vascular trauma/medical surgical issues. I have...
  4. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS 2018 - 2019 Cycle

    Hey everyone! As the new OTCAS cycle opens soon, I thought it'd be cool to share stats, keep up with each other's admissions process and give each other advice. Major: Health Science Overall GPA: 3.68 - graduate May 2019 Pre-Req GPA: 3.70 - still missing a couple GRE: taking it in August...
  5. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTA to OT or Back to school?

    Hello everyone, I have not posted here yet but have been following the boards for quite some time. I need guidance from people with experience in the OT industry. I am 25 years old and graduated from college with a 3.01 on the dot with a BS in Biology. Unfortunately, this is not competitive in...
  6. O


    Hello! This is not an OT question but more as a OTA question. I've recently sent in an application to the OTA Program at Tulsa Community College and was selected for an Interview! However the interview is in a group. I'm very nervous and do you guys have any tips???? Have any of you been in...
  7. O

    Other OT-Related Information License & expunged misdemeanor case

    I want to apply to become a occupational therapy assistant. But I am worried about the background check the state does when I apply for a license. Some background about me: I was a honors student (took engineering, computers, health, related courses) who graduated high school at age 16 and...