ochem 1

  1. S

    Should I drop ochem?

    Hi guys! I'm currently a sophomore taking 16 credits. I'm doing my classes online this semester and have been struggling a bit with keeping up. My ochem class is completely online; we don't have lectures and my professor rarely uploads lecture videos to canvas so we literally have to teach...
  2. D

    I need help choosing OCHEM class!

    Hello, I read several posts here about taking ochem online, but most comments seem confusing for me! I’ve to take it online bc I can’t take it on campus next semester for many reasons plus I want to take it now (during summer) because I don’t have anything else to worry about and I’ll spend...
  3. B

    Anyone recently taken Ochem 1 online through UNE?

    I know there are quite a few posts about the online courses for UNE. I am going to be taking Organic chemistry 1 with the lab soon and I am trying to determine a) which textbooks/materials I actually need? b) where exactly do you buy the materials for the virtual labs? c) anyone who has taken...
  4. F

    Organic Chemistry Pre-req

    Hi, I will be graduating from my undergrad in May, but I still need Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry as pre-requisites. I have already taken O Chem, but I did not do well in it at all because I did not take it very seriously. Does anyone have an tips on how to stay on track and do well in...
  5. collectedgp

    Retaking Ochem1 for the third freaking time?

  6. M

    Retake Ochem 1?

    hey everyone! how much of Ochem 2 builds on o chem 1? The reason I'm asking is that I’m trying to decide if i should retake ochem 1, not necessarily to get a better grade (I got a C), but because if it builds into o chem 2 a lot, i would rather do o chem 1 again, just so I don't struggle in o...