1. M

    Australian medical schools seem blatantly predatory towards North American students...am I missing something?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this post does not come across the wrong way. I come from a place of wanting to understand and possibly inform other North American premeds looking into Australian medical schools. I started looking into Australian medical schools for the same reasons many North Americans...
  2. canquito

    UQ-Ochsner 2020 Cohort

    Making a new thread for the people interested in or applying to the 2020 entry cohort.
  3. avhopeful

    UQ-Ochsner 2019 Cohort

    Here's a new thread for those interested in or applying to the UQ-Ochsner Program, 2019 entry cohort.
  4. D

    UQ-Ochsner match lists

    2016 match rate: 93% https://news.ochsner.org/news-releases/fourth-class-of-ochsner-clinical-school-graduates-participate-in-match-day For previous years: http://www.mededpath.org/residency_match.html
  5. J

    Cardiology Fellowship program dilemma

    Hi all, Anyone have any thoughts on the following programs for Cardiology? 1. Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh) 2. Loma Linda University (California) 3. Aurora Medical Center (Milwaukee) 4. Ochsner Clinic (New Orleans) 5. University Florida - Jacksonville Any and all thoughts and...