1. Streetmath

    Your office

    Thought this would be something a little different and would be nice to see everyones work area. So really the question is: What does your office/desk area look like? Do you see most of your patients in your office? Do you have different rooms and you circulate through them? What is your setup...
  2. 7amsho

    Selling Aquasil Ultra impression material

    Hello! So my school makes us buy so much extra materials each year and I have so much leftover Aquasil impression material. Please let me know if you're interested in buying any. - Aquasil Ultra XLV: Type 3 light-bodied consistency: count 4 - Aquasil Ultra LV: Type 3 light-bodied consistency...
  3. A

    Allowed to do suctioning, setting up trays, and hand tools in CA w/out certification?

    Hey everyone, Just like the title says, if I live in California am I allowed to do basic suctioning, setting up trays and handing tools to the dentist? I do not have certification but I have been given permission by the dentist and was supervised at all times by the dentist. I want to know...
  4. Robert W Jones

    Part time job for med students (Software selling)

    Hi everyone, We are an ambitious startup, GetReminds.com. GetReminds automates appointment reminders process and reduces no-shows by 70%. We have successful cases where GetReminds generate $6500/mo. If you are a student and want extra cash - sell our software for a big commission. We will pay...
  5. N

    For Sale 5th Ave., Dr. Office for sale

    Located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the Upper East Side, on the famous, iconic and elegant block, is 851 Fifth Avenue, offered for sale for the first time in many years. This prime office space with its excellent location and entrance directly on Fifth Avenue, has stunning...
  6. B

    BCM Admissions Office

    Has this only been my experience, or is the admissions office at Baylor completely useless for anything other than reviewing applications? I've called and emailed them and they seem completely incapable/unwilling to provide any information at all to me about prerequisite coursework. All I want...