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  1. P

    Old Taker taking New MCAT - Physics

    How much of the physics was actually removed? I scored a 10, 10, 11 last time (31 total). I spent most of it studying for physics...I know its like 16 vs 26 physics questions now but what should I really focus on in physics? I feel like theres so much content for just 16 questions...
  2. P

    Currently on Waitlist...Need advice! (Murphy's Law)

    Get ready for lengthy post :) As the title says, I'm currently wait-listed at three medical schools: 1. FIU 2. GW 3. CWRU (my top choice and incredibly surprised/honored to have received an interview regarding my stats...I also sent my application in September 30 so?...perhaps it has to do with...
  3. SSDGM

    Jan 2015 MCAT? Applying soon? Updated list of school MCAT policies!

    Hi All! I hope there is someone else out there who can benefit from this work. I'm looking to apply this upcoming round (for the 2018 entering class) and I have been working to verify that the schools I'm interested will accept my MCAT (taken in January 2015, the last possible month to take...
  4. SSDGM

    WAMC? School List Included! Native/3.98/30 MCAT

    Hi All! Applying this upcoming round and I've been working really hard to get an idea of what my school list should be. I've primarily been using the LizzyM score and WARS to guide me. I could use some feedback please :) Please note that I took the MCAT in January 2015. This means it is...
  5. BtmoreRavens18

    Took the old MCAT, looks like it will expire by the time I apply...

  6. L

    For Sale MCAT Books/Bundle (TBR, Hyperlearning Verbal, EK 1001, Official Guide +more)

    Hello everyone, I have a variety of MCAT books for sale. I would sell the bundle for $225 flat. The Berkeley Review (2012- Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, Organic I and II, Biology I and II)- all of the questions/passages are completely unmarked, probably about 10-15 pages of the content...
  7. M

    DO My chances of getting into Osteopathic Schools ?

    Hey everyone,
  8. O

    Where did I go wrong in my application? :(

    I've decided to retake my MCAT score and take two years off. Thank for your input!
  9. H

    Selling TPR, EK1001, EK books (old MCAT)

    These are the old books but if you study by follow the AAMC outline, a lot of the information is still very relevant. I know a lot of the TPR content is the same as the new 2015 books. No writing or marks in any of these. I also have online content access to TPR and Kaplan materials for the...