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    One month out from the MCAT- Study plan and Practice Tests?

    I am officially one month out from my MCAT and I'm feeling the normal mix of relatively ok with what I've covered but also completely nervous because...well...MCAT. I'm on week 8 of a 10-week ExamKrackers study plan that I love and am doing well following. I've taken three PR practice exams...
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    DAT Study Schedule, One month suggestions?

    Hi everyone! Taking my DAT for a second time in about 35 days. Was wondering your input on this study schedule. Materials: DAT Destroyer Chad's Videos Cliff's AP Bio DAT Bootcamp DAY 1 sample: Read Cliff’s AP biology chapter 1 (Chemistry) and chapter 2 (Cells) as well as the...
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    Retaking my mcat, one month off, test in one month?

    Hey all!, So i took my first MCAT march 31st. I felt like going into it i was going to get at least a 505. I came out feeling uneasy and scored a 496 :/. Now that i graduated and application cycles are about to open i feel i should retake my exam and as i apply check the little box on AMCAS...
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    MCAT study in 1 month (retaker)

    Hello everyone. I took my MCAT in late April and voided it because I went in with no sleep and I got sick, and I was 100% positive that the score would be poor and not what I studied for. I also knew I wasn't totally ready, and all those things that happened made it hard to really try my best. I...
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    1 month before my DAT

    Okay so I have a little less then a month until my test. This will be my first time taking it, and want it to be my last. Any tips? So far this is what I have planned... Reviewing all Chad's videos in hyper speed and redoing his quizzes for OC & GC. I've been on and off with Destroyer for OC...