oos applicant

  1. S

    Texas Applicant -- only received OOS interviews so far

    Hello! So I am a current senior in undergrad and med school applicant ( MD only, no DO) from TX, URM, MCAT=500, GPA= 3.5, bcpm=3.2, pretty good EC's. I applied to every MD school in TX and 17 mid tier (w a couple low and high tier sprinkled in) OOS MD schools As of right now, I have 2 OOS...
  2. Ms.2:30

    fallback schools that are OOS friendly?

    Wondering if anyone out there knows of any fallback schools that are also OOS friendly to put on my list of schools to apply to? Just don't want to many reach schools then not get in anywhere +pity+
  3. B

    Help! Choices UMKC, Houston, Washington

    I have an extremely difficult decision to make. I got into multiple schools, which I am grateful for, and have narrowed it down to three. But I have to pay out-of-state tuition for all my schools since my state does not have a dental school (woohoo-- oos life). My top choice was originally...
  4. 1

    University of Iowa Dental IS vs. OOS

    Hello! I will attend Drake University as a rising Junior this year. I would love to attend the University of Iowa Dental School, but I am an OOS student (MN). Having gone to undergrad in state (Des Moines, IA), is it more likely for me to be admitted to the program?
  5. eeeeagle!!

    Which Osteopathic Schools Accept OOS Applicants and Which Do Not?

    I'm from NC and wanting to apply broadly. I have pretty good stats and plan to apply to top, mid, and low tier DO schools. I wam wondering which OOS schools I should not even apply to because they are unfavorable to OOS applicants! thanks!