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    Question from a Pathologist: Looking into Halogen light or LED? Eye health

    I am a Pathologist in fellowship about to move into practice and I am looking at microscopes. All through residency and fellowship, I have always used scopes with a halogen light source (usually 12V 100W). But more recently microscope manufacturers are offering LED options for light sources...
  2. S

    Confused About Specialty: ENT vs Ophtho

    I could really use some help from residents or other medical students who have faced this problem. I started med school in 2013 and overall did very well - Junior AOA, honors in most clerkships, high Step 1 and Step 2 scores. Throughout my 3rd year I flip-flopped between almost every specialty...
  3. O

    2016-2017 Osteopathic Ophthalmology Interview Dates

    A new thread for DO programs. Good luck everyone! LECOMT/St John's Episcopal Hospital Program (email 10/18): 11/30