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    Louisiana oral licensure exam

    I am New York State license clinical psychologist, seeking licensure in Louisiana. I can’t find any information on the oral exam here or on the board’s website I would really appreciate any insight or feedback from anyone familiar with the exam. I have no idea what to study!
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    PhD/PsyD Ohio Jurisprudence/Licensure Exam

    Hi everyone, I am studying for the Ohio jurisprudence exam (I take it on July 18th). I have been told to essentially "memorize" the entire manual they provide (39 pages). Has anyone taken the test recently who can speak about the difficulty of the questions? Or, the types of questions they might...
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    Mock oral boards cases for pediatric dentistry

    How many people would be interested in paying for a course that would be formatted to give mock oral board cases in preparation for the pediatric dental oral boards?
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    Advertisement Canadian Royal College Anesthesiology Exam Prep for Written (MCQ + SAQ) & Oral

    Hello, If you are a IMG looking to write the Canadian Royal College exam for ANESTHESIOLOGY, and are looking for help in preparation for written and oral exam components please feel free to contact me at [email protected] The pass rate for Canadian residents is typically higher...
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    Oral and Written Board Study Materials for Sale (Audio + Books)

    All prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM or Post in this thread. Paypal accepted. Written Boards: Osler Institute Anesthesiology Audio Review: 6 Discs plus Digital Syllabus. New $475, My Price $110 Shipped Great for the commute. ACE Question books: (all spiral bound and unmarked/no...
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    For Sale Big Blue and Ranger Red for sale

    Hi, I have for sale- Niels Jensen Big Blue (14th edition) volume 1 and 2. Is in great condition except for some underlining. I used them to pass written exam. Material is essentially unchanged from early editions to later ones. (Retail $575 for Big Blue) I am selling for $250 OBO Niels Jensen...