orange county

  1. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Stanbridge MSOT 2022

    Hi all! I just wanted to hear from others who have applied/ are considering attending Stanbridge MSOT in Irvine!
  2. D

    General Admissions & OTCAS Shadow Hours Advice

    Hello everyone, I have been working as a elementary physical education teacher for the past ten years and I am now looking at a career change to OT. I have been following this forum for a while and have found some really helpful information about different aspects of the OT field. I have...
  3. doctor_october

    UC Irvine Psychiatry

    I’m a new resident at UC Irvine and I wanted to share how great it is to the incoming class! Location: Beautiful Orange County Many residents live by the beach with comfortable housing options near UCI Medical Center Close in vicinity to Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, and other fun attractions...
  4. Z

    Nbde 1 study partners

    Hello everyone , I'm planning on taking the nbde part 1 by the end of march, I live in California (Orange County) and would appreciate any interested study partners ( female) . Thanks :)
  5. D

    Best MCAT prep Orange County

    What is the best in-class MCAT review course in the Orange County/UCI area? All of the reviews I have seen are out-dated and I want to know in reference to the new MCAT. Princeton Review or Berkeley Review or Kaplan or other?
  6. D

    Orange County MCAT January 2016 Study Group

    Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone interested in meeting up in the Orange County area to study together for the January 2016 MCAT. A few times a week or even one day a week if you're busy just to make sure we are keeping on track and to ask/answer any questions. I tried a skype group but people...