orgo retake organic chemistry

  1. H

    Harvard summer school credits?

    If I take orgo in Harvard summer school can I send my grades to dental schools directly in the future? The problem is my university does not accept other universities credits during the summer if they are in the Boston area also. However, I do not want take orgo in my school during the summer...
  2. Niikkiiii

    Chemistry Questions (Do I have to start all over?)

    Hi all, I am currently in my sophmore year of college, and I am finishing the chemistry for my program. However, my program is "advanced" I guess you could say. It is supposed to be done in a year and a half, instead of two years like med schools require. Instead of the classes saying organic...
  3. 2

    Predental student: C in orgo 2

    Hey everyone, I was trying to find a thread on this already, but I couldn't find anything very recent. I just found out I got a C in orgo 2. I just finished my sophomore year and I currently have a 3.469. I got a solid B in orgo 1, so seeing it go down a whole letter grade gives me anxiety...
  4. Y

    I got a C+ in Orgo I but an A in Orgo II. Should I retake?

    So a year ago I didn't have my priorities straight and got a C+ in Orgo I (got an A in Orgo I lab). The following semester, I took Orgo II + lab and got an A in both. Is it worthwhile to retake Orgo I? For reference, I go to UC Berkeley.