Need Rotation Advice

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Hello all,

I am a 3rd year medical student from a Caribbean University. I just need to complete a couple more core rotations as I did most of them in Atlanta. Here's where the problem starts, my school allows me to schedule my rotations anywhere. I had to move from Atlanta recently as my father has stage four cancer. So I obviously need to be close to home.

My question is, the main hospital allows for anyone to do 4th year rotations no problem. However, I still need a couple more cores. As long as the doctor is affiliated with the hospital and it is greenbook, may I rotate with anyone who allows me?

I even looked into another scheduler to set up a rotation for me, but to pay 5 grand on top of my tuition really isn't feasible at the moment. My school says find the doctor and we'll approve it. So I just want to make sure I will be ok with someone who has experience.

Please let me know.

Thanks again!

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