Hotel choice for MidYear?

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Sep 8, 2017
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I'll be attending Midyear in Orlando this winter. I was wondering what your opinions are about accommodations. Is it better to stay at a hotel within walking distance of the Convention center or is it ok to rely on shuttles for transportation at the farther ASHP hotels? Is it better to room with another person or have a room to yourself?

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I stayed in a non-ASHP hotel (travel lodge) within walking distance of the convention when it was in Las Vegas last year. It saved me about $300 and I didn't have to take a shuttle.
Definitely stay in downtown area. I attended and tried to save money at a small hotel outside of the city. Bad experience and shady neighborhoods.
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It depends on your purpose for attending Midyear. If you will be interviewing for fellowships and residencies (which can have a substantial impact on your post-graduate opportunities), I would recommend choosing the conference hotel or one that is close enough that you will not be stressing out when going to your interviews. It is also nice to be able to go back to your hotel room to relax a bit between interviews (if you happen to have an hour or two).
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There are tons of hotels in the area. There's lots within walking distance but consider walking around in florida in professional clothes (even in december, it can be pretty hot!). Last year I specifically chose to stay farther away because I figured I'd prefer shuttling. The shuttles were fine but they can get crowded around peak times (ie before residency showcase). At one point I opted to take a lyft instead of the shuttle.

(as an aside, if you've never used Lyft before, find a promo code. I got one that gave me 50 dollars in free rides, then referred all of my friends who were with me. I didn't pay for transportation at all that trip).
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