orthodontics residency

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    2 year Air Force HPSP

    Does anyone have experience with the 2 year HPSP scholarship? I know the Air Force pretty much makes you do the AEGD (which doesn’t count towards the payback) then you owe 3 years of service. So 4 years total. I go to a pretty pricey Dental school. I’m looking at about $500k in debt when I...
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  3. O

    The reality of Ortho residencies?

    Could anyone give me some details on what their day to day is really like for an ortho residence (I know your experience is program specific, just want to get as many perspectives as possible)? What kind of cases do you see most often? What is the relationship like with your co-residents? What...
  4. O

    Anyone looking for an Ortho opening?

    I'm new here and love the camaraderie, information and interactions I see.
  5. D

    international dentist for ortho residency?

    Hi I posting this in the hopes of finding out how much of a chance I have at being accepted for Ortho residency in the States. I am a dentist from an asian country. I got my dental licence in 2008, specialized in OMFS (finished in 2012), and am now working as a dentist in my home country. My...
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    SO. I'm taking the ADAT this week....Anyone care to to help me not freak out? I go back and forth between worrying about it, and thinking "Eh, it's just a small portion of the residency application anyway" What are your thoughts? Applying for ortho, ask me anything about me if you want to know.
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    Orthodontic Ebook Request

    Hi guys, im an orthodontic resident from indonesia To be honest, in my campus library is lack of current orthodontic books, the new one is from 2009. Can you guys help me find these books..?? 1. Creative Orthodontics Blending the Damon System & TADS to Manage Difficult Malocclusions, 2nd ed...
  8. Manzielin

    Question about HPSP

    Im debating HPSP. I definitely want to specialize, orthodontics if I have the stats. Do you think HPSP would give me a better chance at getting an orthodontic residency? Could I apply to the military residencies and "normal" residencies when that time comes around? Thanks in advance.
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    Update in requirements for University of Iowa Orthodontic candidates

    https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/orthodontics-residency-application Faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics feel that residency program participation in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program is fair and beneficial to applicants. We also feel that it is in the long-term...
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    Need a place to stay during your CWRU interview?

    If you have an interview at Case Western Dental School and need a place to stay, please check out this website http://casedelts.weebly.com/interviewer-room.html There are two dental students from each year leaving in the house that could answer any questions you might have. They could also...