1. G

    New grad contract recommendations needed

    I received this offer as part of LOI for rural FM in the southeast. Please advise on how best to negotiate. I am a new grad who would be starting the J1 visa waiver. I would not be eligible for the loan assistance due to foreign loan complications. - starting base salary of $200,000 to be...
  2. Stagg737

    Outpatient year

    I'm now 2 months into my outpatient year and have finally started hitting a good groove with outpatient clinics. I'm actually not minding outpatient nearly as much as I thought I would, but I see a huge amount of variation between the clinics that I work in and definitely look forward to some...
  3. I

    Pediatrics PT Observation Hours

    I'm in the process of obtaining more hours in a new setting for PT observation, but I'm not sure which to choose for pediatrics? There's one that is hospital based another that is outpatient, out of the two which would look better on an application for school?
  4. W

    Neurology vs. PM&R - research

    I'm a 3rd year medical student doing electives over the next few months in order to decide what to apply in this August. I have a longstanding interest in the nervous system, and have been involved in clinical neuro research for a long time. While I think epilepsy, movement disorders, MS, acute...
  5. P

    Starting Salary for DPTs in MA?

    Hey, if anyone is a new DPT in mass and could give me an idea of the starting salary that would be great, or if anyone knows what the ball park is, and how much does it go up per year? Outpatient clinic? Thanks!
  6. F

    Ideas to create an OP clinical practice in an Independent

    Hey gang, I’m trying to add/create clinical services that I will lead to my community independent pharmacy practice which consists of assisted living/LTC and compounding. I have to get the owner approval pending financial analysis suggesting it is a profitable venture. I’m trying to give the...
  7. A

    Outpatient PT's: How Many Evaluations and How Many Recertification Visits do you see per hour?

    How many patients is appropriate for new evaluation / re-evaluation per hour at maximum in an outpatient setting? How many Recertification visits or Therapist visits are appropriate per hour at maximum? I have a boss with unrealistic expectations but he tells me he knows 4 PTs who are fine...
  8. ValleyGuy

    Huband + Wife Team Family Practice (Physician + Sonographer/Manager)

    I didn't know where to post this, so moderators if this needs to be moved, please move it. Background: I am at the end of my 3rd year of medical school and will be applying to family medicine residencies this coming Fall. My plan is to do as many emergency medicine electives I can during...
  9. wanderlustpt

    Outpatient Productivity

    Hi everyone, I am curious to learn how productivity standards are measured across the country and across different outpatient settings. I'm wondering a few things: 1. How many patients are you expected to treat per week (or, how else is your productivity defined)? 2. How many patients do you...
  10. wanderlustpt

    Traveling Physical Therapists (Outpatient)

    Hi all, Many of the traveling threads on this site are outdated so I wanted to start a new one. I’m a DPT with 1 year experience. I work in an outpatient, ortho setting and I make just under 65k. Salary wise, I that’s right on the mark for the location that I live in. I’m looking to boost...
  11. Sairsea

    Ideas for an outpatient ortho/neuro rotation

    Hi guys, I have five weeks left of my first internship and am racking my brain for ideas on an inservice. It's ortho with some neuro patients, so the topics I can choose from are pretty open. They use the FMS and SFMA philosophy a lot in their practice, too. I was thinking of doing it on...