palliative care

  1. partypat

    NYU vs MSKCC vs NYP HPM Fellowship

    I'm a third year internal medicine resident who is looking to move to NYC for my HPM fellowship. I've been very fortunate to have interviewed at the palliative medicine fellowship programs for NYU, New York Presbyterian (Columbia+Cornell Bicampus), and Memorial Sloan Kettering. I know that I'm...
  2. M

    Palliative care

    Is palliative care whether in the cancer treatment context or otherwise considered a specialty or subspecialty?
  3. P

    PhD/PsyD Looking for PhD programs with palliative/ cancer/ end of life care research labs

    Hi all! I've been researching clinical PhD programs for the past 6 weeks, but worry I may be missing some PIs focusing in related areas. So far, some programs that look like they may have PIs focused in palliative/ cancer care are: - U of Arizona - U Colorado Denver - Northwestern Feinberg -...
  4. R

    Newcastle University Research Study

    Hi, I am a Postgraduate student from the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. I am very interested in the care and well-being of adolescents in Palliative and End of Life Care, and am currently sourcing participants for an innovative research study on how...