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  1. B

    Working in an optometry office while in undergrad

    I am currently working in an optometry office but I am having trouble filling my schedule at school with classes. This upcoming semester I am only able to fit 9 hours of credit due to my tight schedule at work. I am a junior now. I was wondering if optometry schools will look down on me for not...
  2. Ms.WorryWart


  3. U

    Part-time senior year (no other option) - damaging for med school app?

    Hello, thanks in advance for any input. First, context: I am a political science major taking the premed requirements and finishing up my senior year. I connected the major to medicine by interning as a policy analyst at the California Medical Association. I have 1.5 (will be closer to 3...
  4. C

    Evening / Weekend Part-Time Post Bacc options?

    Do any of you know of any primarily Evening / Weekend Part-Time Post Bacc programs for Career Changers other than the ones below that are do-able while working a job? So far I know of the following post bacc programs mostly Night / Weekend courses: Harvard Extension School (HES) UPenn pre-med...
  5. ayothen

    Should I take this p-time job while MCAT studying?

    I'm not in dire need of money, but I want to start my EMT job already! I'll be working part time and probably starting late or mid February. My MCAT is May 6th and I'm planning out my schedule currently. I feel like working and studying with this much time is doable and will help keep me...
  6. B

    Part-time Student and Full-time Scribe

    I am currently a senior and I will be taking 2 gap years after I graduate in May. However, I was just offered a pediatric scribe position beginning in January. This is a perfect opportunity for me because I intend to go into pediatrics and what better way to make sure I want to do this than to...
  7. E

    Part Time Student

    Hi guys, I am really struggling in my Italian class and I was considering dropping it. Since it is relatively late in the quarter, it would be seen on my transcript and, as a result of dropping the class, I would only be enrolled in 9 units and would be a part time student. I was wondering...