part-time work

  1. P

    Part-time Pharmacist and Chemistry lecturer?

    I am about to graduate college with a degree in chemistry, and I plan to apply to pharmacy schools this summer. Question: Is it reasonable to expect that one day I will be able to make money as a (retail) pharmacist part-time, and also teach chemistry at the college level? Background: My...
  2. okiedokeartichoke

    Is it possible to study for the DAT while working and taking classes?

    Hi everyone! First thread :) I have Human Anatomy & Physio II lecture and lab, biochemistry, and possibly one more biology course to look forward to next semester (7 or possibly 11 credits of science). I have strategically planned my schedule so that all my courses fall on Tuesdays and...
  3. F

    Advice on entering med students?

    Good day everyone, Next school year I will be conducting my first step to medical school. I am a recent physics graduate and took a year off and will be planning to enter medical physics so I can prepare myself to medical school (as we do not have a very strong and competitive med schools...
  4. N

    Part-time Summarizing and Compiling Work

    I am working on a small project to virtualize and summarize medical information, especially related to vital signs. I do not have a medical background and am seeking expertize through this forum. Work involves working on summarizing data (related to vital signs) which I assume you would already...