1. ceciliask98


    Hi, I'm curious.. Does anyone know of the difference in styles of BCSE, QSE, and NAVLE? Like how deep and wide they ask..
  2. V

    Anyone in the PAVE PROGRAM?

    Anyone preparing for the QSE test or applying to the colleges for the clinical rotation? I am currently preparing for the QSE exam. If anyone needs to discuss anything or want a study partner just let me know.
  3. Ars04

    PAVE ECE Process?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has information on the ECE part of the PAVE more specifically on admission to the university. I want to know how the whole process goes down, as I can't really find any information. Also I'd like to know how hard it is to gain admission to your desired university...
  4. J

    traveling vet surgeon?

    Hi everyone! :clap: I am a vet graduated 2 years ago, and had 1.5 year of experience in a SA hospital. I love travelling and surgeries, and had a (unrealistic) dream of doing both of them together, for example, a relief /locum vet that work 3 months in a place, and travel from country to...
  5. sapphirevet

    Any info on the AAVSB's PAVE program 2017

    Hello,I've been searching all over the forums for an answer and can't find one ,I just finished all paperwork for the PAVE program and should start studying for the QSE portion.I should start Zuku review soon and I'd really like to hear from someone who's finished the PAVE program and I'd like...
  6. W

    Questions for Vet Students at Mississippi State University Vet College

    Hey! Thanks for taking time to read my question. I'm originally from California (and went to school, college there) but happened to go to vet school abroad in Europe at a non-AVMA accredited school. I'm now working on equivalency to be able to come back to work in the USA and as part of that...