pediatric dentistry

  1. G

    Ranking for Match Advice

    Hi everyone! I am participating in this year's dental match for pediatric dentistry, and rank submissions are due in a few days. I am having a bit of an issue deciding between which program I should rank 1 vs 2 on my list. Some background info: Program A is extremely competitive, but I have...
  2. T

    overwhelmed Canadian looking for advice (PEDO)

    Hi, I'm a third year dental student from Canada who is interested in pedo. It seems most Canadian programs only accept applicants who have at least one year of experience after DDS and then offer a 3-year program. I am not too keen on investing 4 additional years so I'm currently looking at US...
  3. B

    Pediatric Dentistry Residency

    Hey everyone. Hoping to get some insight about applying into Pediatric Residencies. I graduated 3 years ago and have been practicing pediatric dentistry in a low-income/medicaid health clinic as a general dentist. Ive taken a ton of CE on peds but its just not enough and I have to refer away a...
  4. Kavity

    Advice/Chance Me Please!

    I am a current dental student applying to Pediatric Dentistry Residency programs. My GPA is 91.35/100 and my updated rank has not yet been revealed, however this past semester it was 32/128, pending updated ranks. I have been extremely active in leadership, community service, research, etc. I...
  5. B

    Pedo Interviews 2018

    Created this form (like to 2017 one - Pedo 2017) for people to post interview invites and info as they start to roll in this cycle. Good luck everybody! Please bold the new interviews as you post them so it's easy to keep track of =)
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