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  1. L

    Pediatric dentistry residency at Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC - information about this program?

    Is anyone familiar with this pediatric dental residency program? I did check out their website, AAPD page, and PASS page. I would love to know more about it since I am considering joining this program. Thank you in advance!!
  2. About the Ads
  3. T

    PASS Q: how to add my official NBDE 1/2 scores AND Dental transcripts

    hi guys, I'm applying on PASS for pedo. How do i add my NBDE 1 and 2 scores to the website OR do i send it to the school individually? How do i send my official dental transcripts? Do i contact the school first and have it sent over or does PASS have a request i fill out?
  4. A

    Pediatric Dentistry Residency - Insight

    I'll be applying this upcoming cycle to pedo residency. Any current pedo residents have advice in regards to interviews, matching, application stuff? I'm open to any feedback. Thank you in advance!
  5. T

    2019 Residents in the Los Angeles area

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone moving to the Los Angeles for residency this summer as an opportunity to meet people before we all get there. Feel free to post to which program you will be attending below, when you start, and where you're from.
  6. G

    Ranking for Match Advice

    Hi everyone! I am participating in this year's dental match for pediatric dentistry, and rank submissions are due in a few days. I am having a bit of an issue deciding between which program I should rank 1 vs 2 on my list. Some background info: Program A is extremely competitive, but I have...
  7. T

    Maimonides Pedo Residency

    Any residents that are a part of this program or recently graduated from this program? Please share your thoughts about it! Appreciate any advice! Thanks
  8. C

    Specializing as an international student trained in US dental school

    Hi, I am currently a D3 attending an accredited US dental school. As you may have assumed from the title, I am an international student who has no US citizenship nor a green card. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will have any limitations in applying to specialty programs. I am specifically...
  9. Kavity

    Which pediatric dentistry residency programs in NY do not require 1 yr experience/GPR after predoc?

    I've heard that a lot of NY peds programs require 1 year of practice experience/GPR/AEGD before enrolling in a peds specialty program. Does anyone know which ones do not require 1 year of experience/GPR/AEGD prior to enrollment (AKA which ones allow students to apply straight from predoc to a...
  10. uhds

    AADSAS: Type of Dentistry Observed Question

    I have dental experience at a clinic where I shadowed general dentists (residents, director of the entire dental clinic) and the pedodontic resident (there is no pedodontic director just the residents). What should I put when the application asks the type of dentistry observed? Do I make a...
  11. L

    Pedo Externships

    For those that have done Pedo externships, how did you go about setting it up? Were they externships set up through your school or did you contact the programs and set one up yourself? Were any hospital based and if so, was the process any different? Thanks in advance!