perceptual ability

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    PAT: Keyhole and Rock Keyhole Strategy

    Hello, all! I am taking my DAT in 9 days, and I have been practicing and really struggling with rock keyholes and keyholes in general. I’ve used Bootcamp and DAT Genius to study. I know about looking for details with normal keyholes, but rocks can be really difficult. Any advice is appreciated...
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    DAT(PAT) score

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    PAT Questions

    Hi! I don't understand the answers for these questions and I was hoping someone on here could help :) ANSWER ^: (A) ANSWER ^: (C) ANSWER ^: (D)
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    PAT...Bootcamp or CrackDAT PAT???

    I've been practicing with both, but it seems like CDP tests are easier than the bootcamp generators...which ones most similar to the DAT?!
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    For Sale DAT practice tests/guides

    DAT practice tests and guides for sale. Asking $60 including shipping. There are 3 CD disks that contain the following (no access codes or anything needed, they are in word/pdf documents): Disk 1: 100 questions each of General Chem, Organic Chem, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, and PAT...