1. M

    What to do about pets during virtual interviews?

    I have a cat, who I love more than anything, but I'm worried that she might mess up my virtual interview. I have been taking virtual classes and she has, for the most part, left me alone besides meowing randomly or asking to be pet. She mostly sleeps. However, if I leave her in the living room...
  2. F

    Vet students who have dogs, how do you manage it?

    6 months ago I decided to get a dog. I knew what I was getting myself into, and I understand that a dog is a huge responsibility. I told myself I'd never give up on her, especially since my parents would gave away a couple dogs we've had. It was highly upsetting to me and the dogs, and I...
  3. Doctor-S

    Emergency Evacuation Bag for Pets - Do You Have One?

    In a crisis situation such as a flood, fire, hurricane or earthquake, and you needed to evacuate somewhere else with your pet, do you have a "bug-out" bag for your pet? What have you packed for them? For my cat: 1. I have a cat carrier, with a cat harness-leash, identification information...
  4. Mecidimes

    Having a pet bird while in school?

    Hey everyone, I'm a second-year medical student considering getting a budgie or two. I was asked to cross-post this in the vet school forums because it was told to me that vet students often keep pets despite their busy schedule (which makes sense for some reason....) I'm concerned I won't have...
  5. Mecidimes

    Owning a bird in medical school?

    Hey everyone, M2 HPSP student considering getting a budgie or two. I'm concerned I won't have enough time to care for the bird in third year (and beyond), and that the bird(s) will get lonely even if I get a pair of them. Thoughts? There's a similar post on here about getting a bird but I...
  6. D

    Auburn, Al- Pet friendly 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for rent

    Hey all, 3 bed, 2 full bathroom manufactured (mobile) home for rent in Orchard Way Park- about 5 minutes from AUCVM and 15 to TUSVM 1200 sq foot home Pet friendly- fenced yard with large covered deck Master bedroom has walk in closet and bathroom with garden tub and stand up shower Brand new...