pharmacist pay

  1. K

    Just in case anyone is wondering if or when Pharmacist pay is going to drop plz see the following!

    State of SC job -- Pharmacist I (State Salary Range: $59,161.00 - $109,457.00 annually)
  2. J

    Pharmacy questions.

    Hello all, I am currently a college freshman and have had interests in becoming a pharmacist for the past two years now. Currently I have shadowed clinical pharmacists and a few retail pharmacists. The job seems so interesting. I now have a few questions 1. Will pharmacy be still too...
  3. Stevenn

    San Diego area pay

    Hey fellow pharmacists! I’m a pharmacist who currently work in retail (chain) in Metro Atlanta area. I’m planning to move to San Diego area within the next year and was wondering about the pay. My current salary is $60.5/hour for staff position and I know the pay would be different based on the...
  4. T

    PharmD Candidate, Class of 2017 in MD, interview offers.

    Hi all PharmD candidates, class of 2017. I know this time of the year P4s are going to have interviews with different companies for pharmacist positions. I am particularly interested in retail/grocery pharmacies in MAryland. My question is that do you or someone you know have received any...