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  1. P

    Current PY4 witnessing grad-interns not getting hired. Need Advice!

    Hey everyone! I would first like to thank the SDN community as I have been on these forums for years but this will be my first time posting. As we all know, job market for pharmacy sucks and hours are getting cut left and right. I knew this when I started pharmacy school in 2015, and my strategy...
  2. spinin

    Bay Area Pharmacy/industry job help/advice please

    Hello, Looking for some help or advice. I got my PharmD in NY, but moved to the Bay Area afterward. I didn't get my license right away because I got a position for which I didn't need to be licensed and I thought I was going to continue that career route (industry, etc.). I ended up getting...
  3. D

    What Internship Should I Pick: Children vs Adult's Hospital

    I've been fortunate enough to be offered two pharmacy intern positions as a P0 starting this summer. Here are the essential differences between each position: > Primary Children's Hospital (SLC, Utah): Starting pay is $17.72/hr and I would obtain experience in Central Pharmacy Infusion...
  4. D

    Pharmacy Intern Position at St. Mark's Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT)

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience as a pharmacy technician or intern for this location. What was your experience? Did they provide flexible hours? Would you recommend it to a friend?
  5. F

    New Hampshire pharmacy tech/intern rules

    I'm currently living in California working as a certified pharmacy tech with my national certification and California license. Was accepted into New Hampshire pharmacy school and will be starting in the fall. Completely confused on what to do from here. Here are my current questions: 1. Can I...
  6. PharmRX0308

    Kroger Pharmacy Tips and Advices

    Hello everyone, I am a P3 student starting my job as an intern at Kroger pharmacy (King Soopers) very soon. The chain is completely new to me, so I would truly appreciate any tips or advices from everyone on how to efficiently use the pharmacy computer system, to maintain a smooth workflow, or...
  7. L

    Pharmacy Internships

    Hello, I just got accepted into Texas Tech pharmacy school and I'm thinking a little too far ahead. I have some questions about pharmacy internships (retail and hospital) for anyone who has done one to get some info. 1) When do students apply for internship positions? I know you can apply for...
  8. P

    Saw this free pharmacy pocketbook on my Amazon Recommendation

    Wassupp Ya'll! Hope summer is treating all ya'll well before school starts ><. But...I just got a notification to check out books under my recommended weekly and I found this treasure! Hopefully it will prepare us well before we start school! The e-book consists of the top 200 drugs, scheduled...
  9. A

    Incoming P1 facing rejection for intern jobs

    Hey, I am an incoming P1 at a top10 pharmacy school. There are tons of hospitals in the area and I've applied to many intern positions, interviewed for 2, and I've been rejected for all of them. I was even rejected for a position where the recruiter contacted my school to specifically recruit...
  10. P

    Pharm techs in pharmacy school

    Hey all! I was a Pharm tech at cvs it was first job, I then worked for an independent pharmacy. I got hired in at Walmart and I almost cried every single break. They don't care about their employees and it was just a whole different world. It almost made me change my mind about pharmacy school...
  11. M

    Should you work during pharmacy school (accelarated program)?

    Currently work as a tech at grocery chain. I am going to be attending MWU and program starts in june. I was wondering if i should continue working. I am kinda nervous about accelerated program so was initially thinking not to work for few quarters just to see how school goes then return to...
  12. R

    Pharmacy Intern interview

    I am currently a P3 and I have a pharmacy intern interview with CVS coming up next week. How should I prepare for the interview and what questions should I expect?
  13. S

    Where to do Pharmacy...?

    So I was think of going into pharmacy school,but in Canada and the States the chances of being accepted are low (due to competition), and you never know after what year you will accepted. I.e after first year, second year, or third, or after you complete the four years of Bsc. So, I was thinking...
  14. rxboy1996

    Moving Up in Walgreens Pharmacy

    Could someone define the differences between Pharmacy intern, graduate intern, and pharmacy technician at walgreens? I currently work as a pharmacy technician at WAG. However is a pharmacy intern while in PharmD school only done during the summer or is that your title the whole time. Would I...
  15. rxboy1996

    Going from Pharm Tech to Pharmacy Intern Walgreens

    I have been a pharmacy tech at Walgreens for almost 3 years during my undergraduate schooling, I plan on attending pharmacy school next fall. How does it work with staying at walgreens when I transition to pharmacy school. My pharmacy school could potentially be in the same city I am in now so...
  16. C

    Walmart Grad Intern offers class of 2016

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to start a thread on Graduate Intern offers for those graduating with their PharmD's in 2016. I'm currently a pre-graduate intern for Walmart for approximately a year and Walmart just sent out graduate intern offers a few days ago and I just wanted to inquire about...