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    Want to go into pharmacy but don't know if its worth it.

    Currently a junior chemistry/Pre-pharmacy major preparing to take the pcat during the 18-19 cycle. I've always wanted to be in the health profession but couldn't decide between what I really wanted to be so I shadowed a few doctors(Gen med and pain mngmt) and pharmacist and liked the pharmacist...
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    CVS vs Publix benefits

    Im an intern for CVS right now, anyway, I want to know the financial benefits of cvs vs publix or any other retail pharmcy. CVS: Currently for me I can do a ESPP which I can buy stocks at 15% discount up to 15% of my paycheck. My 401 they will match up to 5% of my paycheck. I live in Florida...
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    I dropped college because i was so confused about which math class to take. I was put in elementary algebra which doesnt count for credit. So i took placement test and i didnt pass the placement test but they combined my placement score and act score to let me go into intermediate algebra. I...