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    APPIC Internship Phase II Interview & Support Thread (2021)

    Hey my fellow Phase II-ers. I figured we could start up our own thread for Phase II. Hopefully this is a safe space where we can provide each other with support, advice, and post about interview notifications. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves during these challenging times.
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    APPIC Internship Phase II 2020

    I thought I would start a thread for those of us going into phase II. I found the other threads helpful for support, advice, and updated info on interviews and notifications. So although I am stoked for everyone who will be successful in phase I to those of us in phase II good luck, we are all...
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    Ranking for Match Advice

    Hi everyone! I am participating in this year's dental match for pediatric dentistry, and rank submissions are due in a few days. I am having a bit of an issue deciding between which program I should rank 1 vs 2 on my list. Some background info: Program A is extremely competitive, but I have...
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    Only doing phase II for residency

    This is my first time posting. Been a long time lurker. I am a P3 that had to take a year off school due to medical reasons and now I will be graduating the same time as my husband who is in medical school. I am interested in applying to a residency (more amb-care focused) but his residency...
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    TBR Phase Improvements

    Hi all, TBR fans and experts! I've started studying with TBR Science books for over a week now, and am just starting to do the phase 2s of the first chapters. I keep reading everywhere that you're supposed to improve from phase 1 to phase 2, but in all the subjects I seem to be dropping from...
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    Phase II explanation

    Can someone explain how applications can be due on 4/4 and our rank list is due on 4/5 for Phase II? Will places just rank you without interviewing? Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Phase II Only Pharmacy Residency Programs

    I was reading on the Ashp website that programs that didn't participate in phase I of the match are allowed to participate in phase II of the match.Is there any residency program out there that didn't participate in phase I of the match but will participate in phase II of the match?
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    2016 APPIC Internship Phase 2 Interview Thread

    Running list of notifications/interview invites from sites participating in Phase 2. Feel free to PM me or post the following info on the thread, and I will keep track of it here: - Site & Track - Date of Notification - Method of Notification (mass/personalized email, phone call, etc) - Type of...
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    PhD/PsyD APPIC internship phase II

    Hi all! I'm a canadian psyd in phase II of the APPIC match process. I'm interested in casting a wide met to increase my chances of matching, so I'm planning on applying to US sites in this round. Does anyone have suggestions for sites that have a more psychodynamic, interpersonal or experiential...