1. W

    Colorado DPT 2021-22

    Hey everyone! I haven’t found a thread for Colorado yet this year so I figured I’d go ahead and start one. Has anyone heard back from them? I applied to CU - Anschutz at the end of September. Good luck to you all!
  2. hermionegranger9

    Thoughts on taking Leave of Absence (LOA)?

    So I am currently in my first semester (summer) of PT school (during a pandemic) which I am not sure was such a good idea given it's all online. I have been struggling in my anatomy classes due to multiple reasons (connectivity/ wifi issues during zoom calls, a disconnect with the topics...
  3. P

    What are my chances? 2018-19 cycle

    Hi all! I was just hoping to get some input about my stats as the 18-19 PT application cycle is underway. I'm feeling a little nervous about getting accepted somewhere especially because of my pre GPAs and my lack of observation hours. Major: Exercise & Sport Science Cumulative GPA: 3.46...
  4. B

    Clinical Rotations in Military Setting

    I am currently DPT student, first year. I want to commission or work for the military upon graduation and need experience in military settings before then. My school only has about 3-4 locations that are military related (one of them being Walter Reed, which is very selective so I'm hoping I can...
  5. R

    UTMB DPT Class of 2021

    Hello, friends! In an effort to connect with future classmates, I have created a group on FB titled "UTMB DPT Class of 2021." To ensure you join the correct group, please double-check that "Chase Christy" created the group. Thank you and congratulations!