Clinical Rotations in Military Setting

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Jun 4, 2018
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I am currently DPT student, first year. I want to commission or work for the military upon graduation and need experience in military settings before then. My school only has about 3-4 locations that are military related (one of them being Walter Reed, which is very selective so I'm hoping I can get that rotation!). I am looking for suggestions on what other places I can get in contact with and begin to set up a rotation with my school and if I can just call random bases and ask around. I'm in the dark on how to take the first steps. Thanks!

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I am a 1st yr DPT student at UDEL and have been selected to apply for the Walter Reed clinical rotation.
I saw this thread and was wondering if you happened to go there after all, and if so, I want to see if I pm you with some questions about your application/onsite experience. I really want this site also!!
Your best bet would be to contact a recruiter for the most accurate info. Though from what I've looked up you'll need to have your degree completed or be within a year of completing (so not so much the location of internships you do). Once your schooling is all done you apply for a direct officer commission in whatever branch you're deciding. This all depends on need/positions open.