1. M

    Prospects for MD/PhDs in plastics

    Haven't found any information regarding a surgeon-scientist career with plastics nor residency applications for MD/PhDs so I'd like to hear any insights from these topics: I'm a current MSTP (MS2) student at a T10 with a home plastics program. PhD will be in Regenerative Sciences. Interest in...
  2. D

    ENT/plastics as an alternative to OMFS? Advice needed to decide between dental and med school

  3. lagbydesign

    OMFS vs PRS/ENT (Duty Hours)

    These specialties are often compared for their similar scope of practice. One thing that I really haven't seen is a discussion on the effects that duty hours has on training to be a surgeon of the head and neck. Does the presence (or lack thereof) of duty hours make a difference in competency at...
  4. libertyyne

    Is this unusual?

    Found this on yelp, not sure if marketing this was was expected or just something unusual. Was the Aston Martin necessary ?
  5. S

    MD & DO Plastics and Global Surgery

    Please post Plastic surgery residency programs interested in Global surgery, mission work, overseas resident education, research, etc. Thanks!!
  6. S

    2017/2018 Integrated Plastics Program Impressions

    Please post your Impressions of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Programs as you move along the interview trail!
  7. S

    MD & DO Plastics Program Reviews

    Hi all, can anyone recommend which Integrated Plastics residency programs might be good for students interested in Global surgery, mission trips and research overseas? Thanks in advance!
  8. O

    Position Swap PGY-2/PGY-3 Otolaryngology seeking PGY-2 Dermatology

    Current Otolaryngology residency position (program director willing to take a PGY-2 or PGY-3 for start July 2017) in high desirable major city Seeking a PGY-2 Dermatology position anywhere Curent program has high volume ENT cases, head and neck, and facial plastic surgery
  9. OnePunchBiopsy

    Independent Plastic Surgery Programs. Fading away?

    So I recently matched categorical GS at a residency where independent plastics is a possibility (lots of graduates pursue it). I love GS and have always loved it, but I also have come to appreciate plastic surgery, especially reconstruction. Overall I'm keeping my options open. Today a...
  10. K

    Columbia vs Cornell

    Hi All, Could anybody give any insight into the differences between Columbia and Cornell, in terms of prestige, case load etc for specialities like neurosurgery, ent, plastics etc. Not as residency, but as departments in general. Because rankings always seem to rank NYP as a whole and not the...
  11. G

    A plastic surgeons lifestyle

    Hello all, I am currently a premed student and I am very interested in plastic surgery. However, I want to be able to have a family and a decent lifestyle. I was wondering if I would be able to have weekends off and decent hours during the week and still be a plastic surgeon? I honestly do not...
  12. F

    DO Matching MD Plastics

    Anyone know of any DO students who have matched in a MD integrated plastics residency? I have not seen any recent forums on this topic. My USMLE is mid 250s and COMLEX 705 and want to avoid going Gen Surg or ENT to get there if at all possible :yuck:
  13. S

    Away rotations for PRS 2015-2016

    Hey Y'all, hab38 posted an awesome spreadsheet last year about feedback from away rotations at integrated PRS residency programs. Will people please post their experiences from the 2015-2016 away rotations? And how they made their decisions on which programs to do their away rotations at...
  14. stolen_biscuit

    which residency for burn grafting?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about training to do burn grafting at a burn center? I recently assisted in grafting in the OR and really loved the artistic aspect of it and the fact that it will not be going minimally invasive, as many surgical specialties are doing. I initially...