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please help me

  1. L

    Rethinking and regretting everything (PLEASE HELP ME)

    hey everyone i’ll try to make this as short as possible and cut the sob story but i could really use some advice I’m starting pharmacy school this september and though, a few weeks ago I was really happy to finally start the school that matters, I don’t know if I want this anymore and it’s...
  2. SportPonies

    NutMMeg and The Spice Girls at the OWWlyMMpics: Game Thread

    Ahem. Every four years (unless there’s a pandemic), the world comes together in unity to spectate the most fantastic display of raw talent: the Owwlymmpics! This year, some SDNers took it upon themselves to attend, and a calamity of flavor and sportsball ensued. Nutmeg has been unleashed upon...
  3. L

    Prepharmacy PLEASE HELP!!

    Hello everyone, I'll just get right to the point, I'm applying for the next cycle for pharmacy school without the pcat since the schools I wanna apply to removed their pcat requirement for this cycle for whatever reason. My only dilemma that's been weighing heavy on my mind is well, I retook a...
  4. sleempk61796

    What are my chances with this downward to upward trend?

    Hey guys. I am an aspiring medical (MD/DO), underrepresented student (Physics Major/Maths Minor) and I have been freaking out over the fact that my undergraduate grades for sGPA has shown a downward trend! I ended up getting only 3 C+s in my upper-level physics courses (Quantum Physics...
  5. bootsandspooky

    BU vs. Mount Sinai vs. UC Irvine

    Hi everyone! It's going to be awhile before waitlists start moving and I am doubtful that any of those will work out for me, but fortunately I do like the options I have right now. I would really like to hear others' experiences with the below schools, perceived differences between them, and any...