1. ThatPsyGuy

    ASWB Licensure Exam No Longer Needed For LSW in Illinois (At both a B.A. & M.A. level)

    I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a graduate student in a Social Workers program in Illinois. They mentioned how taking the licensing exam is no longer required to become an LSW with your BSW or MSW starting in 2022 there due to SB1632. I was somewhat torn on this. In one aspect, it...
  2. bikinitop

    Help! School Disregarding Their Late Attendance Policy

    Hi everyone, I’m 3 months into med school and have had a few issues with arriving early, usually due to unpredictability in traffic and the rare personal issue and now I’m being threatened with expulsion due to lateness even though I haven’t been late, based on their policy. Class begins at...
  3. A

    BCPS Study Tips for Policy/Regulatory Please

    I am taking the BCPS exam in the spring and I read a lot on forums how important it is to study the policy/regulatory sections but I am so overwhelmed by the amount of information in those sections that I feel like it's taking so much of time from other sections. (I am aware biostats is just as...
  4. D

    Want to make a difference: Translational Research (MD/PhD) or Public Health (MD)?

    Hi all, I hugely appreciate this forum and the questions and answers posted here every day. I'm hoping that some of you with experience in the fields that am most passionate in can offer me some guidance. Thanks in advance. I have three more semesters of undergrad before I graduate...
  5. 3toedsloth

    Health care & economics

    The topic of "how to fix American healthcare" frequently came up in my interviews. It's interesting to learn what are the different sources of exorbitant health care costs in America, what other countries are doing, and what reform efforts are in progress. The first book I read on this topic...
  6. I

    Standard Operating procedure of the Pharmacy Investigation and Research Department

    I am currently on my drug policy APPE rotation and my longitudinal project is to create another standard operating policy and procedure document that will guide the pharmacy Investigation and research department of the hospital.The last document has not being updated since the year 2013. I...
  7. G

    Is it illegal for a positive STD/HIV lab test to be published online prior to physician approval?

    If so, can you please provide resources proving that this is illegal or highly immoral. For example, a positive HIV test would go to a online patient portal prior to having the doctor speak with the patient. Thanks!
  8. DocJuan

    Trump's new budget cuts

    Trumps new budget proposal will cut 20% of the NIH's funding and a include a possible diversion of funds from the CDC's core budget to provide block grants for states. Ostensibly giving state Heath agencies more flexibility but at a significant cost to existing programs. We are regressing.
  9. Zharp

    Healthcare policy reading?

    Curious if anyone knows of any good reads for getting up to date on the current state of healthcare in America?
  10. N

    MD/MPP or MD/MPH

    Hi all! I'm wondering if any of you are pursuing a dual degree with an interest in health policy? How feasible is it to be both active as physician in the clinic and pursue health policy in my career? I am especially interested in policy affecting children (in parallel with my interest in...
  11. D

    Re: In-House Exam Review and Lecture Recording

    Hello fellow United States medical students! I am a second year class officer at a US MD-granting school and we have a few ancient policies that I am working hard to try and update for future classes as they pass through their basic science years and prepare optimally for Step 1. I need some...