1. S

    Minimum salary for IMGs on h1b

    https://www.businesstoday.in/amp/latest/economy-politics/story/us-hikes-minimum-pay-by-40-percent-for-h1-b-health-professionals-276418-2020-10-21 https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/world/us/no-change-in-h-1b-wage-levels-for-nearly-next-two-years/amp_articleshow/82600817.cms...
  2. K

    WAMC-American student getting master's abroad, potential MD/PhD path, applying this cycle

    Year: I am currently in a non-science, bilingual (Spanish and English) two-year master’s program in Barcelona, graduating this July and likely defending March 2021 (instead of Sept 2020 so that I can use my student visa to stay in Europe for a WHO internship fall of 2020, if that still happens...
  3. 3toedsloth

    Health care & economics

    The topic of "how to fix American healthcare" frequently came up in my interviews. It's interesting to learn what are the different sources of exorbitant health care costs in America, what other countries are doing, and what reform efforts are in progress. The first book I read on this topic...
  4. U

    The Practicality of DOs in US Healthcare

    r/Change my view: I am a pre-med student trying to decide between DO and MD schools, but I am having a hard time finding evidence that supports becoming a DO. My GPA and MCAT score are sufficient for both options, so that is not the deciding factor here. From the research I've done, it seems...
  5. hopefulgatordoc

    Political activities on application? Help or Harm?

    I know this question has been asked before, but they're all pretty old and considering our current political climate I wanted some updated opinions. I'm passionate about politics. I spent quite a bit of time canvassing for the Hillary for America campaign. I regularly participate in activism...
  6. redhotchiligochu

    Dental School Culture and Etiquette?

    I'm a predent who just received an acceptance to dental school :) I normally post a lot on the predent side but I have a few questions that might be of help here. How do you guys deal with fellow classmates, faculty and admin who share vastly different political and cultural beliefs than you...
  7. mandu_cheeks


  8. S

    America's Bitter Pill

    Anyone else reading this book? So far it has been a great read.
  9. Ravenclawforlife

    2016 Presidential Election

    I think it is time that we start talking about the upcoming 2016 presidential election in the United States. With student debt for PTs rising I feel like we need to open up the discussion on some of the policy that these candidates are claiming to enact. Of course these are politicians that we...