1. jstkeepswimming

    Further guidance for next steps

    Here is my previous post: Guidance on next steps After years of work, my cumulative GPA has finally hit 3.0 (3.0037 to be exact 😅) My sGPA is now at 2.92. I have been continuing my non-clinical volunteering, but my clinical volunteering has been paused due to the pandemic (still have ~ 100...
  2. M

    Pre-December Interviews vs. Post?

    Hey guys, Just trying to grasp a better understanding of the interview process. I applied to 14 schools, and have heard back from 3, all of which are interviews. I keep seeing people say that the next batch of interviews are sent out after December 1. Does that mean rejection notices would as...
  3. C

    Scripps Post Bac applicant help

    Hi all! I live in California and graduated back in January 2017 with my bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from NYU. I work at NASA jpl and I am very interested in applying to the scripps post bacc program. I completed a research intensive masters thesis in...
  4. RogueBanana

    Post Interview Acceptance %'s

  5. DantheManimal

    Best SMP for low GPA

    So this week I'll be sending in applications for SMP programs and I wanted to know if there are any that I'm missing that I should consider. For an SMP program, I'm looking for MD linkage only because I've already been accepted to DO linkage programs. I'm also looking for 2.8 GPA allowable...