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Aug 9, 2017
Hi all!

I live in California and graduated back in January 2017 with my bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from NYU. I work at NASA jpl and I am very interested in applying to the scripps post bacc program.

I completed a research intensive masters thesis in bioengineering. I studied the effect on endothelial cells from different physical parameters.

I have taken multiple graduate level bioengineering courses (mechanobiology, dynamics of biomedical fluids).

My sat top two parts is a 1440/1600.
I took it twice and each time was 1380/1600.

I have started volunteering at a hospital since may.

I will receive letters of rec from my main thesis advisor and my co-advisor. As well as from the person who runs the DOU of the hospital I volunteer at.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Maybe for the personal statement?

I want to get accepted to this program very badly.

Thank you!
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