1. C

    Insurance fraud?

    I'm a postdoctoral neuropsychology fellow in Arizona. In the reports we write, the supervisors name and post-docs names are supposed to be listed as co-authors (the postdocs write the entire report and the supervisor makes edits). I noticed several of the reports I had written being mailed out...
  2. M66

    APA vs. non-APA post-docs for licensure in different states?

    I will be seeking licensure as a psychologist in Texas, but I am expecting I could move anywhere in the country in the future (partner is in academia). To become licensed in different states (after having less than 5 years licensed in Texas), should I exclusively look at APA-accredited post-doc...
  3. A

    Search terms for jobs to accrue hours for licensure

    I am completing my doctoral internship at the end of next month. I have some applications out and a few interviews scheduled for post-doctoral positions, but want to make sure I am using the correct search terms to find a position. I have ample experience across the lifespan as well as...
  4. P

    Undergrad research trouble

    Hi everyone!! I've been working in a lab for about 1.5 years and recently was reassigned to work with a post doc. She's really nice, but when I screw up she's not very understanding and doesn't really supervise me. I've gotten a lot better. Recently though, I made a really huge mistake and she...
  5. Psychology PostDoc

    PhD/PsyD Post-Doc Positions Still Open (March 2016)

    Hi everyone, Let's get a thread going about positions for post-docs that are still open as of March 2016! Here's a list of some that I know about: 1. Weill Cornell Medical College/ NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital: Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship in Eating Disorders Website...
  6. pittpsych2014

    2015-2016 Post-Doc Thread

    Let's get this started (early, I know)! Post anything here relevant to post-doc interview questions, invites, or acceptances. I will try to alphabetize sites every few days at the top of the list. As interviews start to come in, please post within this thread or PM to it me (click my username...