1. A

    DO What are my chances?

    Hello, Guys I am currently a Sophomore entering my Junior year. I've had a rough two years at my institution I am currently at a 3.1 cumulative GPA. Yet, my major is Biology with a minor in chem. I have picked up two summer courses to try and pick up my GPA. I really want to enter a DO school...
  2. D

    Will I get into SUNY Optometry?

    I am a junior Neuroscience major. I decided that I wanted to become an optometrist this past fall semester. I went to a community college as a freshman where I took biology and chemistry and starting my sophomore year I began to attend school at a high ranked 4-year university. My overall GPA...
  3. R

    Questions on the journey to Pharm.D from GED/HSE

    (Skip down to the questions if you don’t want to read about me it’s a bit long.) Hi, i was wondering what i should do with a HSE/GED. I’ve been lost for the past few years not knowing what to do with my life. I was an addict with multiple types drugs, i have self quit to show my peers that it’s...
  4. DrStephenStrange


  5. 6

    The podpost

    ok, so I am soon to apply to podiatry school and I came across the podpost website i just want to know are all those things really true. in this website podiatrists are just complaining about how they are not doctors and how they dont make any money this does not make any sense to me they call...
  6. LoKif26

    Timeline Advice for a Nontrad?

    Hello everyone! Here is my deal: I started college as per usual in 2013, although... I started at art college. I did two years there, transferred home for a year to do art at our state school, went back to the first art school this past fall for two more quarters, and then decided to transfer...
  7. D

    Admissions Offer Advice

    Hello All! I have applied to 6 post bac programs. I have heard back from the first one, and was accepted, but I have to confirm in 9 days. I am nervous that I won't hear from the other programs in that time frame. If I accept the offer and then get accepted by my other choices, I am afraid I...
  8. A

    Financial Aid Before Acceptance

    Hey guys, I don't know much about financial aid and I haven't been accepted to any schools yet, but if I will need to apply for financial aid, are there any forms or paperwork that I would need to fill out before hearing back from schools (such as FAFSA)? Or will I be able to do everything...