1. H

    New York Post Bacc -School Advice

    Hi all. Wanted to post on here to see if I could squeeze out any information regarding SUNY post baccs. I am applying for the fall to SUNY Farmingdale, SUNY Old Westbury and SUNY Purchase to their post bacc programs. Does anyone have any information regarding the listed schools and/or their...
  2. Z

    Is having a letter of recommendation from a priest frowned upon by adcoms?

    I was wondering if asking for a letter of recommendation from a priest I have grown close with would be frowned upon by adcoms. Much of my ECs have come from serving at my church in various activities for many years. I believe he could write me a strong letter of recommendation because of how...
  3. G

    Picking out courses to improve science gpa...

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to making my own SDN forums (in fact, this is my very first one), so here goes... I've been attempting to improve both my cumulative and science gpa throughout the course of my senior year. So far, it seems that I've done just that--my cGPA went from a 3.37 to a...
  4. D

    1st semester freshman gpa? Did I lose my chance????

    Hi everyone. Right now I'm projected to end my 1st semester of freshman year with a 3.5 gpa. I was struggling to find good study habits and it impacted my grades (any tips?). I know I still have 2nd semester to improve my overrall freshman gpa (striving to maintain all A's to bounce back) but...
  5. angel_doc

    Choosing DO over MD

    Hey all, weird question here. I am hoping for lots of opinions (especially from DO graduates or physicians) regarding how being a DO really truly is. I sincerely love the philosophy and my top school is a DO. I absolutely love the school. Would picking a DO over an MD school be stupid?
  6. S


  7. fwest9

    DO school chances

    GPA: 3.4 (constant upward trend, just had a hard time freshman year) MCAT: 497 (2017) --> 503 (2018) 122/126/127/128 (not sure what happened on c/p was averaging 126 on practice tests) - South Carolina resident - 100 Clinical Volunteer hours - 1000+ non clinical volunteer hours (interned at a...
  8. scaredhamstermeme

    Undergraduate Research Difficulty

    So I'm a rising senior, and I've been in my lab (really small, no grad students, a couple undergrads including me, and the PI) for the past year. I've been focusing more on getting my GPA up over the semesters, so I've only been coming in regularly for the summers. My PI is super nice and...