pre-dental requirements

  1. jayaykay15

    Chances of Acceptance with a 3.55 oGPA and a 3.2 sGPA?

    Hey everyone first time poster here, I'll be completing my undergrad a BYU (LDS school in Utah) in about a year and a half with a degree in Public Health: Health Science. My soon to be wife will finish about a year and a half after I graduate and it is really important to her to finish her...
  2. R

    C- in Organic Chemistry

    I think I might get a C- in Organic Chemistry II. Does that mean I'll have to re-take it to get into Dental schools like UIC (top choice) which specifies all grades must be C and above?? I'm planning on applying in June so could I still apply but retake Orgo II during my gap year? Any advice...
  3. murra651

    Extra Curriculars for Successful Pre-Dental Students

    Hey Guys, I've spent a lot of time going through these forums to determine what makes a successful dental applicant, but one thing that seems to get glossed over are ECs. While overall stats are important, dental admissions use a holistic approach when it comes to interviewing/accepting. I'd...
  4. D

    Course requirements

    I want to apply to dental school but I did not take any science courses during undergrad. I found out about the certificate program offering at UCLA extension for pre-medical and general health. I know all of the dental schools require a minimum of 2 semesters/3 quarters of biology with lab...