1. lastrealunicorn

    USF MSMS Program 2019-2020

    Hey y'all ! Just wanted to start this thread for the new application season. I'm going to be submitting my application within the next 2 weeks for admission next year into the pre-professional track. Update: Just got accepted today, almost 4 days after applying! I’m just going to list my...
  2. Hunter the Bean

    Is just getting a research assistant program okay?

    Hi everyone! I recently landed an interview for a summer term position as a research assistant for an entomology lab. I have only done a small part in a public health research project (it had no laboratory work, and the majority of the work was done through making calls and reporting on a...
  3. M

    Alternative methods of receiving a veterinary education

    I am planning on attending college to pursue a veterinary degree in 2017. Besides the multiple veterinary schools accredited by the Avma in North America, there are some in the Caribbean as well as Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. Would it be a possibility to get into a Caribbean vet school...