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    predental personal statement help

    was wondering if there is a good personal statement writing service that would listen to my story and create a personal statement. Please PM me if you know of anybody!
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    Crack DAT reading vs real??

    My DAT is in two weeks and I am still struggling on the reading section...English is not my first language... I am currently using crack the dat for practice and I never scored above a 17! Any advice??? Also, for those who took the DAT already, how is the real DAT compare to CDR?? The passages...
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    TUFTS dental school

    hey guys. I know tufts mentions that they don't accept any prerequisite are done at a community college, but Ive had 2 friends get interviews with them last cycle and they did their ochem/chem at a community college. Now they never got accepted, but I was just curious, are they serious when they...
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    Pre-Dental trasnfer student

    Hello! So i just now completed my junior year at UT Austin. Did not go as well as expected. I tranferred over from a community college with a 3.7 GPA and my associates degree in science. I am now a psych major. First semester pre reqs at UT: ochem1 B-, Bio 1 B-. Second semester pre reqs: Ochem 2...
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    Hey guys so I am a senior in college right now and I applied in August for the upcoming cycle. I had 2 courses left to take which were biochemistry and physics 2. Currently taking both courses and I recently received my accountancy into the Dental program. I'm struggling with biochemistry and...