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    Kaplan Diagnostic

    Yes, I know there are plenty of posts about this already, but because there have been constant changes since the 2015 MCAT, I'm looking to get some more recent data and opinions. I'm taking Kaplan's MCAT prep course this spring. I made a 497 on the diagnostic which initially made me feel great...
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    Next Step Practice MCAT Scores

    Taking my actual exam Sept. 10. I've been scoring between 502-505 on the NS exams. Haven't taken AAMC's FL, but will do so in the next few days. Scores have been consistently >125, w/ psych/soc showing the greatest fluctuation. How good are the NS exams as a predictor of the real score? Aiming...
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    FL practice scores vs real MCAT predictors: How valid/reliable?

    I've been looking through some of these FL practice score vs. Real MCAT score charts/spreadsheets, and they seem pretty great-- even too good to be true. These tools basically say "add ten points to your average, and that's your score". I realize that the scores used to compile data have an...
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    USMLE Determination of best CK score predictors and estimated score (data needed)

    Hi everyone, So there is always the eternal debate about what is predictive of your CK score and which NBME is best etc etc. We all have anecdotal experiences, but as we all know, this can often lead us astray. What I was hoping to do was to determine, with some scientific validity, what is...