1. R

    Can I defer my semester(s) if I get pregnant?

    Hi Guys, I got accepted into a dental school for the DDS program in the US. However, I learnt now that I'm pregnant with my first baby and expecting delivery in October. My queries are: 1. Will I be able to defer my second semester? 2. Will it cause any complication in getting entry into the US...
  2. L

    Pregnant Going into MS1?

    I'm just curious on if there has been anyone who has experienced this? Like females due in September or close to it. What was your experience like?
  3. heychloe

    Pregnant & can't start new residency on July 1st

    I'm a MS4, pregnant w/ due date of June 28th 2019... few days prior to residency start date. I am already near the end of my interview trail so I'm planning on matching this year to IM. I've done my searches through the thread about the options w/FMLA, sick days etc. (Since I definitely would...
  4. P

    Taking NAPLEX While Pregnant

    Hi, Curious if anyone has taken the NAPLEX or any other lengthy examination while pregnant? I'll be well into my third trimester when I take it so I'm looking for any helpful tips or insight for how to have a smooth experience. I'm thinking of calling Pearson ahead of time to figure out if I'll...
  5. S

    Pregnancy during M3?

    Hello! I am a current 1st year medical student. Given that I am 27 and won't be done for at least another 7 years, I have been thinking about when I would like to have my first child. For 3rd and 4th year students, how doable is to be doing 3rd year rotations while pregnant? Ideally, it would be...
  6. P

    Being Pregnant during DPT Pre-Reqs

    Hi Everyone, I have a BA in Psychology and want to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist. I will need to complete all of my pre-reqs by this October (or more realistically next October). My husband and I are thinking about getting pregnant during the time I will be taking the pre-reqs/GRE in...
  7. scienceispower94

    Pregnancy during Step 1?

    Hi everyone! I could use some advice regarding pregnancy and Step 1. I am currently a second year MD/PhD student. I am planning on taking Step 1 between mid-June/early-July before starting graduate school in September. My husband and I want to have all of our children before I'm ~32 (I'm...
  8. D

    PhD/PsyD Psychology Student Pregnancy Rights Concern

    Hello, I am nearing the end of my 3rd year in a Clinical PsyD program. Next year will be my last year of classes and my advanced therapy practicum before going on to internship. My school also requires us to defend our dissertation before going on to internship 5th year. My husband and I...
  9. N

    Overly Informative Situation: Question about Pregnancy in Medical School and Residency

    Disclaimer: I know I'm young, but I know what I want Okay, so...this is decision day, and I'm choosing between an 8-year BS/MD program (whose undergrad is at a little-known liberal arts college), and a prestigious undergrad (which is the only way I can consider another career), and I'm having...
  10. Chip Whitley

    Baby Bump on the Interview Trail?

    I am a nontraditional student applying to medical school for the 2017 cycle (entering school in 2017). My husband and I have decided to start a family this year and I have been working very hard to figure out if this will be detrimental to the application process. My original plan was to get...
  11. L

    Pregnant M4 and due in June

    Hi, I'm currently an M4 going into family medicine. I am 13 weeks pregnant and due mid-June. I've finished all my interviews and didn't tell any programs I was pregnant. I know some programs have mandatory orientation starting June 15 while others start July 1st... do I wait until after the...
  12. P

    Being Pregnant during 3rd year and due at the beginning of 4th?

    I am currently a P2. I did really well in my first 3 semesters of school and I made mostly As and a few Bs. My husband and I have been together since high school and got hitched at the ripe old age of 18. We have been together a little over 5 years and have been married 3 of those years. We...
  13. indecisive.decisive

    When to have a child? Before PT school or after?

    My fiance and I have been talking about our game plan for our future. I will be graduating with my bachelor's this coming May 2016 and have already applied to a PT school and had the interview. I am very confident with my interview and my application but I do like having a plan. We discussed...
  14. A

    Taking Step 1 Pregnant--Making a Calendar

    Perhaps perfectly timed this baby to use my entire "independent study" time for USMLE Step 1 as my maternity leave, yay. Well, that and I will probably take the "oh, I failed step one" additional time off (borrowed from fourth year). However, I need to make a plan (calendar/etc) for my Step 1...