premedical school

  1. chemdoctor

    Graduating Early?

    So I just finished my freshman year. I have like a 3.72 GPA, taking summer courses and volunteering. I was wondering, I'm class of 2020 btw, how beneficial would it be for me to graduate early? In 2019 spring and then do a one year Masters program? In four years, I'd get a BS and a Masters, and...
  2. S

    Help Deciding Between Different SMP Programs? (Yes...I've reviewed the previous threads!)

    Hello!:) I have been reviewing different SMP programs in various threads for a few months now but I am still finding it difficult to make a decision on which school to attend with the best chances. I have been accepted to Rosalind Franklin University in Biomedical Sciences Program, Case Western...
  3. omico

    Particle Physics degree + Low GPA , aiming to go to Med School

    Hello All, I have recently finished my masters degree in Particle Physics in Toronto with a moderate GPA but I do carry low undergraduate GPA due to the fact that despite the fact I studied hard but it was not smart ! I am planning to go to medical school ,as at this stage of my life I cannot...