1. J

    In a pickle (again)!

    So here's the situation. I've been studying for the MCAT since January and originally planned to take it in June, which I then bumped it to August, and then September before finally cancelling it. I'm averaging 487 - 489. I did decide to wait until January to take the test but I feel as though...
  2. J

    Getting letters of recommendation early before applying

    I will be applying in August this year for 2022 admission and was curious as to if I could obtain my letters of recommendation sometime soon and keep them on hand until applying. I’ve read that some schools use interfolio while others have stated that emailing in the letters is fine. Obviously...
  3. J

    Anybody else here suck at chemistry?

    Chemistry is not my thing! I've been spending the last few nights testing myself on chemistry concepts from gen chem I and II as well as orgo I and the results are not what I was expecting:( I'm still in content review for another 6 weeks or so but man oh man, it certainly is discouraging when...
  4. TXDO

    What Are My Chances: WAMC Podiatry

    Hi guys, same old question but I did not find a right answer for my sister's situation. Well, she has 3.0 cGPA and 2.85 science GPA with 18 MCAT score. She's a junior now and wants to apply next year, so she wants to know if she could a decent chance to get in a pod school. Seriously, this...
  5. 6

    Ws and application for cycle.

    hello, I have 1 W already and I will probably have 2 or risk getting a C in a class. My questions are the following: Should I drop the class and get W, this will imply that I will be applying to podiatry school without a BA in biology to complete my BA in biology I will have to go back and...